Meet your Libertas East Midlands Candidates

These are your Libertas candidates for the East Midlands region:

Thursday, 30 April 2009

If you can't join us in Rome, join us online!

Over 1000 Libertas leaders, members, volunteers, supporters and special guests are joining us tomorrow in Rome for our first Libertas convention.

From 11am CET (10am GMT) we'll be streaming the convention live on

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Libertas launches Blogads campaign

Libertas’ innovative new media campaign has reached new heights following the launch of a “blogads” campaign.

The adverts, which link to the Libertas website will be EU-wide and on a variety of topics. The first will feature on some of the UK’s most influential and popular political blogs, including Guido Fawkes.

Libertas can now reach out to the millions of people that check these blogs every day, and offer them the chance to stand up to the unelected Brussels bureaucrats who are trying to take more power for the EU, bypassing the views of the people of Europe.

Robin Matthews, Libertas Party Leader in the UK says:
"What this kind of innovative e-campaigning allows us to do is highlight exactly how badly all major national parties have let down British voters. It's not just that Labour have broken their promise to hold a referendum, or that the Tories are toothless and aimless in the face of Brussels. It is that their MEPs have gone totally native as well, voting themselves massive pay increases while British families go to the wall. It's time that somebody held them to account.''

Monday, 20 April 2009

Richard Elvin

Born in Lincolnshire, Richard has lived and worked in the East Midlands region all his life. He studied at Newcastle University, where he was an executive member of the University Student Union. He also travelled and worked in Europe whilst studying German at the University of Vienna. It was during this time that he became interested in the European project and recognized the need for European cooperation within a framework of cultural individuality and national identity.

He taught in Rutland for eight years before setting up his own tour operating business and now has an interest in a specialist travel agency and commercial property management. Eight years ago he was elected to his local council, two years ago to Chairman and has worked actively and successfully on numerous projects to improve the lives and surroundings of local people.

Richard believes the European Union can bring many benefits to all its citizens but only if it is run by an elected Parliament that implements the wishes of the people. This is not the position today where we have an unelected European Commission which makes 80% of our laws in secrecy behind closed doors.

The proposals that Libertas has to reform the EU by eliminating corruption, waste, ‘jobs for the boys’ and law-making by unelected officials echo Richard’s desire to rid current European Politics of these unacceptable practices.

Richard is convinced that by fielding candidates with the same objectives in every EU country on 4th June, Libertas is the only party able to win enough seats to implement the necessary changes to return power to the electorate and have a lean, efficient and corrupt free EU.

He has joined Libertas as a candidate in the East Midlands area to achieve the ambition of ridding Europe of the Euro Elite and all they stand for.

Margot Parker

Margot Parker is an international consultant specialising in European directives and regulations as they affect British industry and commerce, particularly focussing on the affects of those regulations, which could inhibit industry and businesses' ability to sustain employment and create stable jobs for all citizens of Europe.

Margot has spent 14 years as European adviser and spokesperson for the promotions industry through British and European trade associations, including advising both SMEs and global corporations. She is regularly seen and heard on both local and national TV and radio as her opinion is frequently sought on national and international industry matters.

No stranger to the European parliament, Margot has been personally involved in lobbying in the EU in both Brussels and Strasbourg and she now feels the time has come to take a more active role in ensuring that the EU serves the community, but doesn't engulf it in an all consuming blanket of regulations which rob individual communities of their ability to make their own decisions within the EU framework. Margot believes Libertas, as the only pan European party can deliver power back to the people and at the same time a more transparent and open EU.

Margot regularly writes for business magazines and journals using her wide experience in sales and marketing, from telecoms to fashion, (she was a fashion buyer for South American retailers). Margot was recently invited to the USA to join a high profile panel to and make a presentation to an audience of representatives from international blue chip companies on the subject of international supply chain management.

Margot is passionate about the need to refocus on the current economic situation and to make sure any EU proposed laws understand the need to secure employment for all the citizens of Europe.

Margot is married with two grown up sons and is a long term resident of the East Midlands. In her spare time she enjoys reading, is an avid newspaper reader, and follows politics keenly. Margot loves meeting people from diverse cultures.

Peter Chaplin

Peter Chaplin has lived across the East Midlands, from Pilsley, Chesterfield to Basford, Nottingham and now Broughton, Kettering and currently runs his own engineering machine manufacturing company. His business experience makes him an ideal representative for small and medium businesses in the East Midlands.

For years Peter supported the SDP, then the Conservatives, working for both. He was elected as a local councillor because of his strong desire to protect and build his local community. Eventually he left the Tories after realising that they couldn't offer a solution to the problems of the European Union.

Peter now asks for your time to just think about Europe; do you believe it’s working for you? If not, take the plunge, vote for Peter and Libertas will make Europe accountable to you.
"I feel that to continue to blindly allow unelected commissioners to sign off new laws without having a vote in either the European Parliament, or Westminster, is wrong. Now article 48, part of the new ever changing named treaty, will allow Eurocrats to take even more powers in the future.”

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Welcome to the Libertas East Midlands website

Libertas is the fresh and exciting new political force sweeping across Europe. We are dedicated solely to reforming the EU; we want to stop the waste, end the corruption and put democracy at the heart of Europe.

Libertas is the first and only pan-European party, which means that we will be big enough to bring about the sweeping changes needed, but only with your support.

We want a new kind of European Union, based upon democracy, transparency and accountability. Unelected and unanswerable elites in Brussels are making laws behind closed doors that change our lives, and threaten our jobs. It must stop.

Brussels isn’t listening. It’s time to make them.

Whichever party you voted for last time, it made no difference. If you want change, change your vote.