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These are your Libertas candidates for the East Midlands region:

Monday, 20 April 2009

Peter Chaplin

Peter Chaplin has lived across the East Midlands, from Pilsley, Chesterfield to Basford, Nottingham and now Broughton, Kettering and currently runs his own engineering machine manufacturing company. His business experience makes him an ideal representative for small and medium businesses in the East Midlands.

For years Peter supported the SDP, then the Conservatives, working for both. He was elected as a local councillor because of his strong desire to protect and build his local community. Eventually he left the Tories after realising that they couldn't offer a solution to the problems of the European Union.

Peter now asks for your time to just think about Europe; do you believe it’s working for you? If not, take the plunge, vote for Peter and Libertas will make Europe accountable to you.
"I feel that to continue to blindly allow unelected commissioners to sign off new laws without having a vote in either the European Parliament, or Westminster, is wrong. Now article 48, part of the new ever changing named treaty, will allow Eurocrats to take even more powers in the future.”

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  1. Good luck Peter, I know that with your knowledge and experience that you will be and excellent choice to vote for, and will represent people well in this important forum