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Friday, 29 May 2009

Expenses challenge to all East Midlands sitting MEPs

In an open letter to all newspapers in the East Midlands region I have challenged all sitting MEPs to publish their expenses in full before the election. At every husting I attend they all state they are totally transparent – even Derek Clerk. If anyone can find full details of their expenses on the web please let me know. UKIP leader Nigel Farge claimed on Sun radio that he had published his accounts on the web. When I challenged him as to where, he said he had given them to “Open Europe”. I pointed out that they are not on this web site and why were they not on his web site. He said he would check and put them on his site – seeing is believing.

The Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems are up to the same tricks. Some even produce an accountants certificate. No details, just a signature stating that they comply with the expenses and allowances rules. See Glenis Wilmott (Lab) accountants certificate below.

- Richard Elvin

The Editor

The Letters Page
Newark Advertiser Co Ltd

27th May 2009
Dear Sir/Madam
In light of recent events it is important that UK voters know exactly where their tax money has been taken advantage of. I, Richard Elvin, Libertas lead candidate for the East Midlands Region, am hereby calling upon all of the incumbent MEPs in this region:

Glennis Willmott (Lab) Bill Newton Dunn (Lib Dem)
Roger Helmer (Con) Christopher Heaton-Harris (Con)
Robert Kilroy-Silk (UKIP) Derek Clark (UKIP)

to publish their expenses and allowances IN FULL before the elections on June 4th and to bring them to public attention. This should not be a problem for any MEP that has nothing to hide, and is confident that they have shown their electorate the respect they deserve by not abusing their position as a public servant to steal from the public and the people they represent.

Libertas has been committed to full disclosure of expenses and democratisation of the EU since it was set up at the beginning of this year, months before the recent expense scandal broke in the national news.

Libertas is a party of honour and integrity who won't abuse their position and who won't use the tax money of the people of Europe to line their pockets, as so many MEPs have done over the last 5 years.

Yours hopefully

Richard Elvin
East Midlands Region

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