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Thursday, 14 May 2009

NFU Hustings

The NFU hustings at Greetham in Rutland allowed me the first opportunity to meet all the main opposition – those who would not attend the Hustings in Leicester because the BNP had been invited were present. I was in the company of three sitting MEPs and the private secretary to a member of the House of Lords. They were keen to participate in the “usual political point scoring” off each other.

I stuck to the main message. Libertas are a grass roots party; Europe must change to suit the needs of its Citizens; the EU must be accountable and a servant to its Citizens; the EU should be transparent. Libertas is the only party that is pan-European; when you vote for Libertas you are voting for a Party that can bring about real change rather than a solitary voice from 1 country out of 27.

- Richard Elvin

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